La Bomb Cookies

La Bomb Cookies is a Perth based Cookie and Cookie Pie company. Our baked goods are made with love and are intended for sharing amongst family and friends, for special occasions, or to make occasions special.


We offer pickup from North Perth, as well as delivery service to the Perth Metropolitan area. All our cookies are baked to order, so you experience the true flavour that is only possible from cookies that are fresh from the oven. 

We have an extensive range of permanent menu flavours, as well as the frequent additions of limited-time flavours of Cookies and Cookie Pies. We aim to honour the classics defined by the baking institutions of NYC and greater USA, as well as some flavours which are unique to La Bomb.

Our Cookies are Giant, Gooey and soft at the same time, and they are beyond epic.

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Our cookies are big, bold and indulgent, as is the quintessential NYC style cookie. We have a range of standard flavours, as well as short-term bomb specials.

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Cookie Pies

Our Cookie Pies have a similar melt-in-your mouth style cookie dough as our cookies, and are topped with buttercreams, ganaches and sweet toppings.

A real Bomb!

*free delivery orders over $50